Restore Files from Hard Disk with Bad Sectors

“Last week I lost my files which were present on my hard drive due to multiple sector damages. Now I am in the serious condition I don’t have back up of lost files. Since I don’t know how to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors? Can anyone suggest me how to rescue data from a drive having Bad Sectors? Any help would be greatly appreciated..!” Well, the above-defined situation… Read Article →

Awesome Utility to Recover Formatted USB Hard Drive

USB hard drive is a low volatile storage device used to store huge volume of data and helps you to transfer data collected from one of place to other. It operates just as one plug-and-play and used alternatively of system hard disk drive to store crucial data. Like computer hard disk drive, the USB hard drive might get corrupted on account of virus infection, abrupt removal, file system corruption and… Read Article →

How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive of Windows 8

Have you formatted the hard drive of your Windows 8 computer? Do you want to get back the formatted data? If it is so, then don’t panic, just stay on this page and carefully read the following details, as it contains detailed information about formatted hard drive data recovery on Windows 8. In order to recover data from a formatted hard drive of Windows 8 computer you are required to… Read Article →

How to Recover Missing Images from HTC Explorer Memory Card

Nowadays the preferable phone that is used by the people is Android smartphone because of its superior features like messaging, browsing, screen capture, video calling, multi-language support, social network applications, high-class camera, camcorder, etc.  In these smartphone brands, HTC Explorer is the mainly popular one i.e. widely used in these days.A lot of users like to capture photos in occasions like school and college tours, trekking with friends, outing with… Read Article →

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory card?

Photos play important role in everyone’ life and photos are been captured in most of the funny and happiest moments of life with family, friends and coworkers. Photos are the memories of all those funny and precious moments of them. No one will wish to lose their images as they are precious to them. Nowadays to capture the images people are not dependent on cameras because in every mobile phone… Read Article →

New Pin to Start Recycle Bin In Windows 10

You may run down to find recycle bin when you want to delete a file stuff on your PC. For this, pinning your Recycle Bin to a computer location is a suitable solution. Users find pinning most used application in a likely position on their computer provides much convenience. With regard to this, Windows 10 allow you to pin this program to your taskbar. However, at times a fully functional… Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Dell Hard Drive ?

“I have a Dell laptop. From few days, it ran slowly, so I decided to clean the unwanted files from it. Unfortunately, I carelessly deleted some vital files from the system. Can anyone know how to perform Dell hard drive recovery without losing a single file? Please help!!” One solution is to check the Windows Recycle Bin on your Dell laptop. If your deleted files are luckily in it, then… Read Article →

Adobe Error 16 fix:-

Adobe application tools is extensively used to modify different kinds of RAW images. This specific tool is generally used by professional, as it gives the vast number of unique characteristics. Many characteristics that PSD files may get damaged easily.  These File may get damaged due to various bugs and one such bug that is Error 16. The chances that may causes to error 16 are given below:- Adobe Photoshop Upgradation… Read Article →

Recover Deleted Videos from JVC Everio Camcorder

We often use Digital Camcorders to store our cherished and precious moments of our lives so that they can be relived anytime . I have a JVC Everio Camcorder contains various videos and images that replicate the happy moments of our lives .But suddenly due to some reason the contents including the audio and the videos cannot be accessed and displays a message as corrupt file and even don’t have… Read Article →

Panasonic Lumix Photo Recovery

Panasonic Lumix cameras are famous especially the DMC series. It is very famous among the photographers which capture high-quality images with its different ranges of cameras. But those cameras don’t prevent us from deleting the data as relies purely on user’s hands. But, when you delete a data, you might think it was deleted permanently from the memory card inserted in the camera, but it is actually not. It is present on… Read Article →