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Restore Files from Hard Disk with Bad Sectors

“Last week I lost my files which were present on my hard drive due to multiple sector damages. Now I am in the serious condition I don’t have back up of lost files. Since I don’t know how to recover data from hard drive with bad sectors? Can anyone suggest me how to rescue data from a drive having Bad Sectors? Any help would be greatly appreciated..!” Well, the above-defined situation… Read Article →

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory card?

Photos play important role in everyone’ life and photos are been captured in most of the funny and happiest moments of life with family, friends and coworkers. Photos are the memories of all those funny and precious moments of them. No one will wish to lose their images as they are precious to them. Nowadays to capture the images people are not dependent on cameras because in every mobile phone… Read Article →

Perform Instant Data Recovery from RAW USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are small portable storage medium used to store data such as audio, video, images, spread sheets, documents, RAW files, office files, etc. It has the capacity to store large amount of data and transfer the data from one system to another system very easily. It is mainly used to provide backup of files as it doesn’t require any batteries and booting. USB drives are differing in their… Read Article →

Recover Data for Free

Many a times when you are erasing a drive completely to make a space for new files, many of formatting options can result in wiping out of important data by mistake. In such situation don’t be panic; there are plenty of software available in the market that can help you to recover data. But you must be very careful in selection of recovery software to recover data from drive. If… Read Article →

Powerful Tool to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard drive

If you desire to store enormous volume of information, Western Digital external hard disk can prove to be perfect in many ways. It has an additional auto backup utility that will give you defaulting back up in the real time. This incontrovertibly is probably the best external hard drives in the market. If you really are a standard Windows or Mac computer end user, you will certainly store enormous volume… Read Article →

Best Formatted Hard Disk Recovery Tool

Formatting hard disk means to prepare the chosen partition within the drive to supply by an OS by deleting most data and setting up new file method. Formatting term is incredibly familiar to the vast majority of PC users and it’s done regularly either knowingly or unknowingly through the users. While utilizing operating system, daily you edit, delete or doing some operation you may do it with files that are… Read Article →

Suggestions to Retrieve Data After Data Quick Format

Usually, quick formatting is performed to escape from scanning the drive location that is effected with bad sectors. The majority of folks choose to do this process to store their precious time. Before, if the drive is not corrupted then it is correct time to select quick format option. When they do quick format of the drive without having replica of essential information on any of storage devices then full… Read Article →