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Awesome Utility to Recover Formatted USB Hard Drive

USB hard drive is a low volatile storage device used to store huge volume of data and helps you to transfer data collected from one of place to other. It operates just as one plug-and-play and used alternatively of system hard disk drive to store crucial data. Like computer hard disk drive, the USB hard drive might get corrupted on account of virus infection, abrupt removal, file system corruption and… Read Article →

How to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted External Hard Drive?

Have you ever been through a situation where you have accidentally formatted your external hard disk and hence deleted all your essential files from it? If you are to say yes, then you are at the right place to get the solution. You can now easily recover deleted files from formatted external hard drive with the help of dominant portable drive recovery. This app can successfully recover all your deleted… Read Article →

Sanguine Software to Restore Formatted WD External HDD

Everyone is familiar with the word formatting. It is a common process, which is performed by everyone and one might have experience about it. It refers to removing data from any storage device. Normally, users familiar with hard drive, USB drive, pen drive, etc. formatting. Like hard drives, external hard drives have been developed to store countless data as backup. However, the Western Digital external hard drive is preferred by… Read Article →

Data Recovery on MAC from Formatted External Hard Drive

Macintosh OS is among the most advanced operating system developed by Apple Inc. to operate especially on Apple components. Newly updated major versions of MAC OS can also be available like MAC operating system, MAC OS X v10. 1, 10. 2, 10. 6 and MAC OS X Leopard, Loin, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Panther as well Tiger. External hard drive usually a portable massive data storage device mainly useful for… Read Article →

Prominent App to Recover Formatted External Drive

External hard disk drives are most widely used and portable drive that is utilized to store wide range of data. These external HDD has storage capacity for several GB to a few TB and you can carry easily from place to another place. In most instances, you could possibly format portable HDD, resulting in loss in large amount of crucial data. You can find number of reasons that might cause… Read Article →