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How to Recover Data from Dell Hard Drive ?

“I have a Dell laptop. From few days, it ran slowly, so I decided to clean the unwanted files from it. Unfortunately, I carelessly deleted some vital files from the system. Can anyone know how to perform Dell hard drive recovery without losing a single file? Please help!!” One solution is to check the Windows Recycle Bin on your Dell laptop. If your deleted files are luckily in it, then… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 8

Have you deleted your important files from Windows 8 system? Do you want to recover deleted files on Windows 8? If yes, then you are at right place because here I am describing an advanced way by which you can easily get back your deleted files on Windows 8 system. In order to perform deleted file recovery on an MS Windows 8 system, you need an efficient recovery program because… Read Article →

Download Perfect Recovery App to Recover Files

“Hello Friends!! Last night I accidentally deleted some important files from system using Shift + Delete keys. Unfortunately, I have not maintained any backup of deleted files in external storage devices. I am really tensed after losing files as they are really important. Can anyone suggest me some good data recovery software to download and recover files?” Well, most of the users might have encountered the above defined scenario or other data loss… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Files Lost after System Restore

The Windows system is having one best feature such as “System Restore”. Once you make use of this feature then your system will get restored to its previous state where checkpoint was made. During this process you will lose some files from various storage location of the system. If you lose files when you’re not having the backup of files then it really disappointed for any system users. If you… Read Article →

Awesome way to unformat data from hard drive

Huge level of data loss occurs as soon as the hard drive gets formatted. Sometimes you could possibly face an issue where your hard disk might be detected with the PC however are unable to access data stored on hard disk due to corruption therefore you need to format it leading to data loss. Sometimes, you format or reformat the tough drive to switch the file system in the hard… Read Article →

Software zur Wiederherstellung von formatierten

Wir haben alle unsere wertvollen Dateien wie Videos, Bilder, Audio- Dateien , Textdokumente, etc., aber in der Regel , dass Sie diese Dateien zu verlieren , weil einige plötzliche Fehler oder externe Faktoren verursacht möglicherweise möchten Sie Dateien von Ihrem System -Laufwerk zu verlieren. Gewöhnlich Benutzer verlieren ihre wichtigen Dateien wegen der versehentlichen Format oder die korrupte Festplatte wird Sie zwingen, das Laufwerk zu formatieren , in diesem Stand der… Read Article →

How to recover missing files?

The most used method of storing files nowadays is storing it in computer hard disk or in safe external storage drive. Sometimes computer users unable to find some of their files stored on hard drive, because of any reasons. How to handle this situation, in case you have lost any essential files within this loss scenario? Surely you’re searching for the tool that will easily restore your lost files in… Read Article →