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How to Recover Formatted Hard Drive of Windows 8

Have you formatted the hard drive of your Windows 8 computer? Do you want to get back the formatted data? If it is so, then don’t panic, just stay on this page and carefully read the following details, as it contains detailed information about formatted hard drive data recovery on Windows 8. In order to recover data from a formatted hard drive of Windows 8 computer you are required to… Read Article →

Learn How to Restore Formatted Drive

Did you format the wrong drive accidentally on your computer? Have you ended up with formatting the memory card where you stored all your precious photos, videos and other multimedia files? Want to get back files from formatted drive? Are you looking for the formatted drive recovery solution to restore all your precious data from formatted drive? If your answer is yes then you are in a right place. In… Read Article →

Reliable Application to Recover Formatted Flash Drive Data

Flash drive is a type of data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus interface. Flash drives are basically portable storage devices; they can be carried easily wherever required. You can easily connect a flash drive to computer through USB port and save your important files like documents files, image files, songs and lots of other computer files. The use of these flash drives is… Read Article →

Ideal Application to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card

SD card is a small storage device mainly used in portable electronic gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, tablets etc. It’s a non volatile memory storage device which can easily store huge amount of data in to it. Almost any type of data including documents, photos, music files, video clips can be saved in an SD card. After the invention of multimedia mobile phones the use of SD card… Read Article →