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How to Recover Missing Images from HTC Explorer Memory Card

Nowadays the preferable phone that is used by the people is Android smartphone because of its superior features like messaging, browsing, screen capture, video calling, multi-language support, social network applications, high-class camera, camcorder, etc.  In these smartphone brands, HTC Explorer is the mainly popular one i.e. widely used in these days.A lot of users like to capture photos in occasions like school and college tours, trekking with friends, outing with… Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Formatted Camera Memory Card?

Hello everyone, I am using SanDisk 8GB storage device to save captured photos and recorded videos from digital camera. Yesterday, I decided to support some of my important photos from my storage device to system, so I accessed digital camera memory card to my system. When I opened my storage device after connecting to the computer, it forced me to format the card and since I don’t have any other… Read Article →

Free Recovery Software for Memory Card

Nowadays, using memory card has become common and the main purpose is to store data. It has some unique advantages like portability, plug n play attribute, supports all type of data to store etc. User stores data in memory card as safe storage memory disk. However there are some uncommon situations where one can lose data from memory card. The very easy and simple solution to recover data in this… Read Article →

Finest Utility to Recover Formatted Memory Card

Nowadays, everyone is knowledgeable about the word formatting. One can format the pen drive, USB drive, memory stick and other storage devices and store some other files. This cycle repeats and it is not serious issue for users. However, the problem starts if they format their memory card without taking separate copy of essential files as backup. Hence, in such stage never use that memory card further for storing fresh… Read Article →

Recover Corrupted Transcend SD Card

Transcend SD cards are most used SD cards these days. Transcend is the most renowned brand of SD cards. These cards are also used in Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, iPods, iPads, digital cameras and in many other modern digital devices to improve their storage capacity. Data stored in any digital electronics drives like Transcend SD cards, Micro SD cards, Mini SD cards is not said to be safe through the… Read Article →

Transportable Digital Card Recovery Software

I am a specialized photographer. One fine morning, my buddy asked me to capture his child’s birthday function. I captured a lot of pictures from my digital camera.  Later, I connected my camera’s digital card to PC to store and share those images. However I was surprised to view an error message that talked about to format my card and controlled me from opening its files. Therefore, I formatted memory… Read Article →