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Awesome way to unformat data from hard drive

Huge level of data loss occurs as soon as the hard drive gets formatted. Sometimes you could possibly face an issue where your hard disk might be detected with the PC however are unable to access data stored on hard disk due to corruption therefore you need to format it leading to data loss. Sometimes, you format or reformat the tough drive to switch the file system in the hard… Read Article →

Do you want to recover data from hard disk?

Hard disks are the main storage devices for data. Hard drives may be usually classified as internal and external hard drives. Internal hard drives are kind of hard drive, which comes on all personal computers and laptops that holds the program files operating system and user important data. External hard drives are the ones that can be externally added to a system and it is portable and can be easily… Read Article →

Simplest way to unformat hard drive

Nowadays, the data is enormously increasing we usually store this data on the hard drive. Each and everybody depends on their computer and hard drive to store their important files. Sometimes, you may even store your important memories like pictures on your hard drive. The threat of saving files on your drive is that it is not at all safe. You may face an instant, the worse can occur and… Read Article →

Software to Restore Data from Partition after Quick Format

Formatting of the hard drive is of two types namely low level formatting and high level formatting. During installation process of the operating system quick format creates the file system format which is referred as high level formatting. As quick format is faster and easier most of the people prefer to have quick format to convert the file system like FAT32 to NTFS etc. By using this quick format we… Read Article →