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Data recovery from Micro SD card after format

Micro SD card is one amongst the finest external storage device. By using this card you can store any type of data such as Photos, video clips, text documents and soon. Micro SD card is popular in Digital cameras, mobile phones, iPods etc. As micro SD card is small in size, so it is extremely handy and it has large storage capacity. This external storage disk capacity varies between 8GB… Read Article →

Approach to Restore Files from Micro SD Card

Micro SD card is a kind of tiny flash memory card that is initially used in mobile phone. But with the advanced improvement of its storage capacity and due its small size, this Micro SD card has been used in the GPS devices, portable music players and some other flash memory devices. Immense data can be stored in this Micro SD card and it is able to bring fast and… Read Article →

Tool to Recover SD Card on Windows 8

SD card is also called as secure digital card it comes with small in size by utilizing SD card it can possible to improve the storage capacity on the digital devices. This portable device can store different kind of data like audio, video, images, text files, applications etc. today the popularity associated with SD card increased because of its data storage capacity as well as portable nature. However, like some… Read Article →

Formatted SD Card Recovery Tool

Have you formatted SD card accidentally? In case, your reply is yes then do not become nervous. This type of situation is very common to all SD card users that the files stored on it have lost. All users think that storage of their crucial files on SD card is safest method but they do not know the fact that the files remain on the same location but they are… Read Article →