Data Recovery on MAC from Formatted External Hard Drive

Macintosh OS is among the most advanced operating system developed by Apple Inc. to operate especially on Apple components. Newly updated major versions of MAC OS can also be available like MAC operating system, MAC OS X v10. 1, 10. 2, 10. 6 and MAC OS X Leopard, Loin, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Panther as well Tiger.

External hard drive usually a portable massive data storage device mainly useful for backing up of ones important data and sharing data with different gadgets. It similar to your system’s physical hard disk drives but connects externally on your computer via USB or even by Fire wire. It is extremely easy to connect and disconnect through your computer. As your external hard disk drive is a massive information storage device you can store any type of data on it such as images, audio files, video files and many other important documents. An external hard drive is convenient to carry and connect to different devices depending on your requirements. After connecting an external disk drive to your MAC device chances are you’ll unintentionally format it which in turn results lost of important data from your external hard drive which brings headache to you. In such case you may think is your data completely lost? If NO, can you really recover your lost data from formatted external hard disk on MAC? Don’t be panic because you will find chances of getting back your lost data from formatted external hard disk by using Recovery software. With the help of this tool you can recover data from external drive after format.

Let us see Some Scenarios where you can Format Your External Hard disk drive

  • You may need to format your external hard drive when you connect this to infected devices that may results in corruption of your external hard drive.
  • Due to file system corruption of this external hard drive, it becomes inaccessible that you need to format it for future use.
  • After connecting external hard drive to your system you might unintentionally format it  that leads to severe data lost.
  • While accessing external hard drive in your system, an abrupt unplugging of external drive may leads to file system corruption that may cause vital data lost.
  • External hard drive must be format for further use as a result of sudden power off or power fluctuations which can make external hard drive inaccessible.

Features of This Application

It is advanced software, inbuilt with advance algorithms and capable in recovering data after format on Mac PCs. It can easily recover data from external hard drive of different brands such as Toshiba, Seagate, Samsung, Western Digital and many others. It provides an effective solution for problem in recovering a lost data from external hard drive. It also has the ability to recover lost data through formatted memory cards, other media cards and Pen Drives (SanDisk. Sony, Kingston as well as transcend). It also supports to extract lost data from formatted external hard drive on different versions connected with Windows PCs. Provides a new facility to preview recoverable lost data before recovery .

Safety Majors

Avoid connecting your external hard drive to infected devices. Don’t unplug your external hard drive when it’ll be in use. Before formatting, crosscheck which drive you are likely to format so that you can take a backup of your crucial data. Connect your external hard drive to the PC which using UPS just because a sudden power off may damage file system on your external hard drive.