ET Recommendation: Gadgets and apps

Infotainment System, Get it for: Rs 39,990

Installing a touch screen infotainment in your car is the easiest method to add some class to the interiors as improving the sound and facilitates a complete new functionality. We reviewed Pioneer’s latest AVH-X8790BT part of their 2016 program.

This is a 2DIN system, well-matched with any car which has a 2DIN slot. This system has a high resolution 7-inch screen, dual USB ports, DVD or CD player, HDMI input, HDMI input, rear AUX input, SD card slot support for reverse camera and video output for extra screens. The BT (Bluetooth-enabled) in the name stands for Bluetooth so clearly, it is also Bluetooth-enabled to work with any phone. Once you pair it then automatically it will upload your phone book and latest calls. You can make/receive calls with the help of your car speakers. You maybe won’t notice it, but there is also a tiny microphone which the installer will have placed near the sun visor.

But most significantly, this unit supports Apple CarPlay, the most flawless way to use your iPhone in the car. Now use the usual Lightning cable and plug in the phone to one of the USB ports in a few seconds, you will have a selected only some apps to use on the car stereo. This includes phone calls, your address book, messages support for Siri, music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc. If you have an Android device then you can get the elective wireless HDMI adapter to mirror the phone’s display on the screen.

Endless Sniper:

Game for Android & iOS Get it for: Free

Endless Sniper is a continual shooter game with retro pixel graphics. The plan behind the game is simple, you have crosshairs and to shoot all the enemies on the screen.

You can move about the crosshairs by swiping across the screen and hit on the bullet icon to fire. There are a variety of elements in the game which you can use for extra damage. Fuel tanks and heavy stones perched in mid-air. As you evolution, you can upgrade to different weapons for more damage. But, you need to be cautious as the enemies assault you too if you get shot, the game is over.


App for Android Get it for: Free

There are various apps which offer you reward points. Some are replacement lock screens, some will show you ads in return for free talk time, others will reward you for raising their user base. PayTunes wants to be unlike by offering rewards, if you use their app to change your phone ringtone. Once, you install the app, verify the phone number, name and age, the app changes your default ringtone.

The catch is which you have to accept the call after eight (8) seconds to get 1 point and your call duration must be more than 15 seconds. Moreover, you can only earn 21 points in a day. The good thing is which you can disable the app whenever you want.