How to and what to do with a Guest Wi-Fi Network?

Perhaps, Guest Wi-Fi networks will be a feature that really feels you convenient in upcoming days. Off course, the main thing would be the use of passwords. Here, you can use simple passwords while other private Wi-Fin networks do not generally use. This additional network can be turned on, when you have visitors to access your internet connection and can be turned off when you don’t have.

Since, this kinds of networks really don’t exists, no one can be hacked into this. It seamlessly supports older Wi-Fi networks which do not have WPA2-AES encryption.

Windows 10 has a feature called “WiFi Sense”. It helps to easily share Wi-Fi password to the people you want. You can defend this also, by isolating Windows 10 devices on their own Wi-Fi networks. Anyhow, uses which are using guest Wi-Fi networks are isolated from each other just as isolated from LAN.

Guest users cannot access private LAN, even can’t see any Ethernet connected devices. If you are a guest user, you cannot able to access files from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. But, if you are an administrator, you can change this settings by going through your router configuration. There you can adjust various attributes must have for a Wi-Fi network.

You can turn your guest Wi-Fi network ON or OFF from there. There you can change the name of your guest Wi-Fi network and can be changed Wireless client isolation option. Here, you can also change the private LAN access of guest users.

Anyway, guest networks are not just limited to guest users. If you want to isolate the users such as children, you can make use of this and it can be automatically turned off during bedtime. Different IoT (Internet of Things) such as Smart TV, thermostat, etc. can also get isolated from guest access. It is a must needed task since most of these smart devices are off pure security measures.

Now, most of the uses who want to use an encrypted connection are always go behind VPNs or similar services. But, there can have issues, like malwares or from other devices. If you are using a guest network such things will not happen, thanks for its WPA2-AES encryption.

If you are planning to buy a new router, make sure that there is options in router configurations for WPA2 encryption, user isolation and isolation from LAN network.