How to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted External Hard Drive?

Have you ever been through a situation where you have accidentally formatted your external hard disk and hence deleted all your essential files from it? If you are to say yes, then you are at the right place to get the solution. You can now easily recover deleted files from formatted external hard drive with the help of dominant portable drive recovery. This app can successfully recover all your deleted files from formatted external hard disk within minutes.

Suppose you own an external hard disk whose speed has diminished due to virus attacks. In order to make this external hard disk free from harmful viruses, you thought out of formatting it. Before you format it, you backed up necessary data to one more portable hard disk. However when you re-connected an external hard drive which contained back up to PC, your PC requested you to format it. Since you were in hurry, without paying much notice you clicked on yes button on your PC. After inspection, you were shocked to see that, the data was deleted from the external hard drive on which you saved back up.

In the above condition, format error emerged after connecting external hard disk as a result of virus attacks. When you tried to copied files from external hard disk which is virus infected to other, the viruses as well transferred together with data and spread extensively affecting the file system of your external hard drive. Therefore after connecting the external hard disk, PC recognized the issues of external hard disk file system and thus recommended you to format it. After this, the query that instantly strikes on your mind will be obviously how to restore deleted files from formatted external hard drive? But you need to worry, as you can now make use of portable drive recovery and get deleted files back from formatted external hard drive within a short span of time as mentioned before. Additionally, this tool supports to retrieve data from corrupted portable hdd with ease. You can perform corrupted portable hdd data recovery within a few mouse clicks by using this app.

Note: Avoid using external hard drive for additional data storage as it may result in overwriting of data on drive memory.

Reasons for deletion of files due to formatting of external hard drive

  • When you have connected external hard drive to your PC, mistakenly pressing the option called “format” the data stored on the external hard drive get formatted which in turn lead to deletion of your valuable files
  • Formatting external hard disk is very important when it got corrupted or sensibly damaged for any cause. You are unable to access the disk and save data till you format it. Therefore, in order to make external hard disk free from corruption and additional errors, you have to format it which in turn deletes entire data stored on it
  • The data stored in the external hard disk gets formatted when it is affected by the virus. Because, viruses are very harmful program that will automatically take access without user’s knowledge

Features of portable drive recovery tool

Portable drive recovery software is built with strong algorithms that help to recover deleted files from formatted external hard drive in just few clicks. This app not only helps in recovering deleted files from formatted external hard drive, but helps to restore lost or missing files from it. It has a user-friendly interface by using which even a novice can complete the recovery process within minutes. Furthermore, this software helps you to recover data from re-formatted, re-partitioned, damaged, corrupted external hard disk with ease. Other than supporting to recover data from corrupted portable hdd, this software can even recover data from other different storage devices.

This software supports recovery of data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, ExFAT formatted partitions or drives. This software works well with all the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It even supports to recover data from various brands of external hard disks such as Maxtor, Kingston, Toshiba and many others. Thus, it is one of the effective tools to recover deleted files from formatted external hard drive. For more details on how to recover deleted files from formatted external hard drive, visit this page: