How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory card?

Photos play important role in everyone’ life and photos are been captured in most of the funny and happiest moments of life with family, friends and coworkers. Photos are the memories of all those funny and precious moments of them. No one will wish to lose their images as they are precious to them. Nowadays to capture the images people are not dependent on cameras because in every mobile phone or tab camera is available with the high resolution of the camera. So the users prefer to use mobile in order to capture the photos.

sd_card_recoveryA memory card is the storage device that is used in the mobile to store the data; all the photos that are captured by the mobile will be saved in the memory card of that mobile. In a memory card, you can save any type of file such as video file, image file, documents, audio files, PDF, etc. Unfortunately, there are chances of photos getting deleted from the memory card. If this happens then it’s a great loss to you and you cannot recover those files manually.

Reasons behind the loss of photos from memory card:

File system corruption: File system is the standard that contains all the information of the files available in the memory card. Due to any reason if the file system gets corrupted then all the files present in the memory card will become inaccessible and intern its loss of photos.

Virus Infection: Due to virus most of the files are deleted and it is the main cause for corruption or deletion of files from memory card. Virus will enter in your mobile device when you download any file from a virus-infected website or if you copy any file from virus infected device.

Bad sectors: Bad sectors are those sectors that are physically damaged due to over heading or any other reason. Once the bad sectors occur on the memory card then the files that are present on them will not be accessible and it will be lots of photos.

Other causes: Despite the other reasons there are mentioned above, there are many other reasons that responsible for the loss of photos, some of them are due to file header corruption, accidental format or deletion,   etc.

In order to recover deleted photos from the memory card, you need to adopt for a tool that can recover deleted photo and videos in an easy manner. In the current scenario, the most popular are a reliable tool is Recover Deleted Photos software.

This software provides you a demo version by which you can recover the deleted photos and can save the recovered information. Once you are satisfied with the working of the software then you can purchase the full version in order to save the recovered files.