New Pin to Start Recycle Bin In Windows 10

You may run down to find recycle bin when you want to delete a file stuff on your PC. For this, pinning your Recycle Bin to a computer location is a suitable solution. Users find pinning most used application in a likely position on their computer provides much convenience. With regard to this, Windows 10 allow you to pin this program to your taskbar. However, at times a fully functional recycle bin may not work to its fullest; it might not be possible to drag and drop items to the bin.

If you want to pin recycle bin you first need it to pin it to your Start menu and then pin to the Windows taskbar. Let’s see how this new feature is implemented on Windows 10 computers:

  • Right-click on the Recycle Bin and select Pin to Start option
  • Now you can find recycle bin on your start menu. If you wish you can move the tiles here
  • You are no supposed to click on Recycle bin available on the start menu
  • Choose Pin to taskbar option

You will now find your fully functional recycle bin pinned to the taskbar on your Windows 10 system. Hereafter you can handily delete unwanted file items on the go. In case, if you accidentally hit delete on any important file then it can be easily restored from bin. But what if you recycle bin is cleared by then? If you get stuck up with such situations you can seek help of file recovery tool; including Windows 10 it is capable to recover files deleted from recycle bin on Windows 8/7/XP/Vista etc.

On the other hand, to make recycle bin readily accessible, you can even into your Windows file explorer. You need to drag the recycle bin icon and drop it to the taskbar – the file explorer will display a menu- you can find recycle bin listed in the menu- you can now open the file explorer and directly access the recycle bin.