Tool to Fix Corrupted Word , MOV, AVI, PPT, ZIP, RAR Files

Nowadays, most of the computer user faced loss of file due to the corruption of file. Files like Outlook PST, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Photoshop file, compressed ZIP and RAR, videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. may get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons which result in inaccessibility of precious data. Nevertheless, unplayable or unreadable files can be repaired efficiently with the use of Fix Corrupted software with ease…. Read Article →

How to Recover Raw Partition?

Raw partition is a type of partition where the operating system is unable to recognize the file system to format the drive. There may be chance of file system getting corrupted, virus infected. Whenever you try to access, it will display the error message saying  drive needs to be formatted. To overcome this  error with simple method Use Raw partition recovery tool to recover raw partition and all the data… Read Article →

Tool to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 8

Have you deleted your important files from Windows 8 system? Do you want to recover deleted files on Windows 8? If yes, then you are at right place because here I am describing an advanced way by which you can easily get back your deleted files on Windows 8 system. In order to perform deleted file recovery on an MS Windows 8 system, you need an efficient recovery program because… Read Article →

Easy to Use Pentax Photo Recovery Software

Did you lose your precious photos from Pentax camera? Want to know how you can easily recover lost photos from Pentax? Move ahead to know more about recovering photos from Pentax camera Most of the cameras in these days uses SD card to store data. And there are many storage devices where data remain intact even after deletion (but it is not visible to users). It may be strange to… Read Article →

ET Recommendation: Gadgets and apps

Infotainment System, Get it for: Rs 39,990 Installing a touch screen infotainment in your car is the easiest method to add some class to the interiors as improving the sound and facilitates a complete new functionality. We reviewed Pioneer’s latest AVH-X8790BT part of their 2016 program. This is a 2DIN system, well-matched with any car which has a 2DIN slot. This system has a high resolution 7-inch screen, dual USB… Read Article →

Procedure to Encrypt the Hard Drive in Windows 10

The latest version of Windows operating system is Windows 10 and it was introduced by the Microsoft Corporation. When compared to the older versions Window 10 is more secure and fastest operating system and there are more advanced features associated with this version. After all the advanced features there are chances of your information or personal data stolen by any other person, because as the technology is improving, at the… Read Article →

How to and what to do with a Guest Wi-Fi Network?

Perhaps, Guest Wi-Fi networks will be a feature that really feels you convenient in upcoming days. Off course, the main thing would be the use of passwords. Here, you can use simple passwords while other private Wi-Fin networks do not generally use. This additional network can be turned on, when you have visitors to access your internet connection and can be turned off when you don’t have. Since, this kinds… Read Article →

Know More About Top Tech of 2015

Based on hands on reviews, we are trying to pick favourite tech products of year 2015. Have a look on tech products from best smart phone to top tech person of the year. Best Smartphone of 2015 According to survey Apple iPhone 6s is the top smartphone of the year. This includes number of features which keep it on top. The new iPhone has faster processor, live photos feature, 3D… Read Article →

Know in Detail about Different USB Drives

USB drive is a small, portable flash memory card that plugs to the USB port of the system and works as a portable hard drive. There are several other names of USB drive such as jump drive, thumb drive, pen drive, token, key drive and USB flash drive. In USB drive, you can store huge amount of data. All types of files such as Images, videos, music files or any… Read Article →

Perform Instant Data Recovery from RAW USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are small portable storage medium used to store data such as audio, video, images, spread sheets, documents, RAW files, office files, etc. It has the capacity to store large amount of data and transfer the data from one system to another system very easily. It is mainly used to provide backup of files as it doesn’t require any batteries and booting. USB drives are differing in their… Read Article →