Simple Method to Repair Corrupt PSD File

Emilia was a fantastic raster graphical photo editor, and she almost got a heart attack when she found that one of her hardly worked important Adobe Photoshop PSD file went inaccessible. She had neither idea how it happened nor how to fix it. Take look out how Emilia’s PSD file got corrupted. “Hi there I am Emilia, I use to do lot of image layering in Adobe Photoshop CS 5…. Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Portable Drives?

Nowadays, it is difficult to find out a person who has never used a portable drive. Here the term “portable” is not exclusively denotes a magnetic storage devices, drives that uses solid state storage can also considered under this category. Whatever may be the physical architecture, the main intention of a portable drive is to store or transfer huge amount of data without much effort. Many of the users are… Read Article →

Media Recovery Software to Recover Photos, Videos and Music Files

“Hi there, Urgent help required!! Recently while transferring my videos and pictures from my digital camera to computer, my camera automatically switched off due to low battery, and I tried to transfer the files after charging battery. But, I noticed that my entire files had gone missing without any trace! Can anyone tell me how this could happen? And please suggest me the best media recovery software to recover my… Read Article →

How to Repair Outlook PST Files?

Do you know how to fix PST files which are corrupted or damaged? It is very simple, what you need to do is to buy the best repair tool and get back access to the files again without any problem. But the thing is you should be very wise while selecting the software because many tool are faulty usually get fails to repair the file. So see the demo version… Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Formatted Camera Memory Card?

Hello everyone, I am using SanDisk 8GB storage device to save captured photos and recorded videos from digital camera. Yesterday, I decided to support some of my important photos from my storage device to system, so I accessed digital camera memory card to my system. When I opened my storage device after connecting to the computer, it forced me to format the card and since I don’t have any other… Read Article →

How to Repair Damaged Video Files

“I have a corrupted video which I would like to repair on my computer. Is there a simple way to get this damaged video repaired or can I never be able to repair a damaged video again?” All damaged videos can be repaired again so there is nothing to worry about when you discover that one of your video has gone corrupt or damaged. All you need is a video… Read Article →

How to Repair Broken PowerPoint Files on Windows 7?

“I have a PowerPoint file on my Windows 7 OS that is not opening up no matter what I do. All I get is an error that says me that my file is broken and cannot be opened. So is there a simple procedure to repair this broken PowerPoint file on my Windows 7 OS?” You never have to worry if you find one of your PowerPoint file corrupt on… Read Article →

Best Tool for My Music Folder Recovery on Windows 8

Hi friends! I want to restore my music folder on Windows 8, I am using Windows 8 based computer since several months and I used to store large amount of files such as music albums, video clips, image gallery, movies, software backups, documents, graphical presentations and many others on hard drive. All these file types are stored in different folders in order to access the files very easily. Few days… Read Article →

Download Perfect Recovery App to Recover Files

“Hello Friends!! Last night I accidentally deleted some important files from system using Shift + Delete keys. Unfortunately, I have not maintained any backup of deleted files in external storage devices. I am really tensed after losing files as they are really important. Can anyone suggest me some good data recovery software to download and recover files?” Well, most of the users might have encountered the above defined scenario or other data loss… Read Article →

Olympus XD Picture Card Data Recovery

Digital camera is used for capturing photos and videos and nowadays these digital cameras are widely used as they can capture the photos and videos with high resolution. Olympus is one of the digital camera available in market and people are very fond of using Olympus digital camera because of its incredible features. Olympus XD picture card is the secondary storage device used in Olympus cameras for storing But there… Read Article →