Procedure to Encrypt the Hard Drive in Windows 10

The latest version of Windows operating system is Windows 10 and it was introduced by the Microsoft Corporation. When compared to the older versions Window 10 is more secure and fastest operating system and there are more advanced features associated with this version.

After all the advanced features there are chances of your information or personal data stolen by any other person, because as the technology is improving, at the same time hackers are also growing abundantly. Your personal data can be missed used by the hackers and also they may use your data against you or they can destroy your precious information.

Mostly the users will lock their OC with password, but it is not enough and is not safe, because the hackers can fine many ways to bypass your screen lock. Even if you are successful in locking your PC, the information will be saved in the secondary storage device and the hard drive can by pulled out and can access it on other system.

Now you may be worried, but there is no need to worry because here is good news for all who are worried about the hacking of their data. The good news is Windows 10 has an advanced option called BitLocker drive encryption by which you can protect your information successfully.

This feature called BitLocker can be applicable for both internal and external hard drive to secure data. Now follow the below written steps to encrypt the hard drive:

Step 1: Go to Start and type BitLocker, and then you need to click on the Manage BitLocker.

Step 2: Drives will be displayed to you and you just need to select the drive which you want to encrypt and then click on Turn on BitLocker.

Step 3: There are two options to unlock the drive one is by password and other is by smartcard select any one of them.

Step 4: Choose the place for saving the recovery key in case of forgetting your password.

Step 5: You can encrypt the entire drive or just used space. So select any one of the option and click on start encrypting. Now you are done with the set up.

Now your Windows will work on the instruction of security to your device. Now the hard drive can only be accessed with only password. Even if you insert the same hard drive to any other Windows system, you cannot access it without password and it is not limited to only Windows 10.