Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Smartphone

How to Find Deleted Photos in Smartphone

Consider a scenario where you had saved your memorable pictures on your Smartphone. Generally, Smartphone consists of internal memory and external memory. You have an option to select internal memory or external memory as main storage location to save your pictures but you have selected internal memory as main storage location. At times, internal memory becomes full so you make up your mind to move all your pictures saved on internal memory to external memory. During this transfer operation, you select “delete all” option in your Smartphone instead of selecting move option. This kind of situation is very frustrating when you deleted your unforgettable pictures from your Smartphone.

If you are suffering from such kind of issue. Don’t be confused thinking whether it is possible to get back your deleted pictures from your Smartphone. All you need is to install good Photo Recovery software which recovers your pictures that got deleted from your Smartphone. Before knowing how to use this application, let’s go through some factors due to which photos get deleted from Smartphones.

Factors for deletion of photos from Smartphones

  • Deleting photos when connected to computer: When you want to free your internal or external memory of your Smartphone which consists of media files and other documents, you plug in your phone to computer in order to move your essential files and erase unwanted files.  During this process, there are chances of your essential files getting deleted by mistake from Smartphone.
  • Using Delete option: Sometimes, it happens that you are viewing photos on your Smartphone that you captured recently. While viewing pictures from phone gallery, you accidentally press delete option and all your captured photos are deleted within seconds. When you check them, you don’t find them anymore on your phone.
  • Virus attack: When you send your pictures from one Smartphone to another using Bluetooth option, some pictures might be virus infected which may be transferred to your phone and delete your existing pictures on your Smartphone.

To solve the above problems and get back your deleted photos safely from Smartphones, you need to use this Photo Recovery software. To know more about this software, watch this video:

Features of Photo Recovery Software

This software is developed by industry experts which searches your internal and external memory to restore pictures that were deleted or lost from your Smartphone. This application uses file signature feature to recognize and retrieve photos based on their unique file types. With this help of this application, it is possible to recover pictures from corrupted or formatted memory cards namely MiniSD card, MicroSD card, CF card, XD card and many more.  You are able to retrieve images of different formats namely EXIF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, PSD, IMG, JPEG, TIF, etc. It supports even recovery of various files such as archieves, video files, music files, documents and so on. This software restores digital RAW photo types like PXN, ARW, CR2, X3F, RAW, CRW and others. Using this application, you can get back deleted photos from all Smartphone models namely Google Nexus, Samsung S4, Note, S2, HTC Desire and many other Smartphones. It has the ability to recover Android application packages from phone. Photo Recovery Software has simple interface which help users to install on Windows and Mac operating systems.