Simplest way to unformat hard drive

Nowadays, the data is enormously increasing we usually store this data on the hard drive. Each and everybody depends on their computer and hard drive to store their important files. Sometimes, you may even store your important memories like pictures on your hard drive. The threat of saving files on your drive is that it is not at all safe. You may face an instant, the worse can occur and files can be formatted or accidentally deleted. And if it happens you will be annoyed because of lost data. If you are thinking how to recover formatted External Hard Disk.  Hard drive data recovery will still give you a hope for the data revival from hard drive.

It’s better to know that even though a formatting happened to your PC, many of the time the files can still be found on your drive so you can easily recover the files. The data loss may happen due to many reasons like virus infection to the hard drive, power surge, file system corruption, human errors like accidental formatting. This hard drive data recovery is the best way to recover and It is always the safest way and it also makes your job very easier to unformat hard drive.

The main reasons for data loss on external hard drives:

  • Unintentional formatting: Occasionally, while formatting USB drive at that moment when the external hard drive is connected to system you may unknowingly format it.
  • Intentional formatting: Sometimes, when your hard drive gets corrupted because of file system corruption or virus corruption. Once the hard drive is contaminated with viruses then the data on the hard drive will become inaccessible and will display some error message, which leads to inaccessibility of data. In such a state you will not be able to access the drive so you need to format it strongly. So in this situation you will end up with absolute data loss situation.
  • Some other causes for data loss:  incomplete files transfer, improper usage of hard drive, logical bad sectors on drive. The above reasons may cause you data loss  from hard dive.

Important features of the hard drive recovery tool:

  • This software is flexible with the existing OS MAC versions like Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion etc. In addition to this it supports Windows versions like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2003 , Microsoft Windows 8, and Windows server 2008
  • The data recovery from bad sector hard disk can be efficiently done by using this utility
  • This supports data revival from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, NTFS and ExFAT formatted partitions of your hard drive.
  • You can recover data from formatted hard disk like SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drive and external hard drives also.
  • The software supports almost all kinds of hard drive brands such as Western Digital, Seagate, HP, Apple, Sony, Kingston and Toshiba etc.