Tool to Fix Corrupted Word , MOV, AVI, PPT, ZIP, RAR Files

Nowadays, most of the computer user faced loss of file due to the corruption of file. Files imageslike Outlook PST, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Photoshop file, compressed ZIP and RAR, videos like MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. may get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons which result in inaccessibility of precious data. Nevertheless, unplayable or unreadable files can be repaired efficiently with the use of Fix Corrupted software with ease.

Reasons behind file corruption:


  • Abruptly terminating of MOV file when the file is in use may damage or corrupt the MOV file.
  • File header corruption


  • Unsupported codecs
  • Playing AVI video files in unsupported media players
  • Faults in AVI video file header which leads to corruption of AVI file

Outlook PST Files:

  • If Outlook is terminated abruptly when you are accessing the PST file then it leads to PST file corruption.
  • Due to the presence of bad sectors where Outlook PST files are stored.


  • If you change the file extension of the PSD file to other formats then PSD file may get damaged or corrupted and throw an error message when you try to open it.
  • Sudden shutdown of the system while you are transferring PSD file from the system to other storage device or vice-versa result in PSD file corruption.


  • When Word document file is converted from one format to other.
  • Your Word file may get corrupted due to harmful virus threats.


  • PPT header file has all the vital info about PowerPoint file. If due to any known or unknown reasons if it gets corrupted then you can’t access the file due to the corruption of PPT file.
  • Due to app malfunctioning or software incompatibility, PPT file may get damaged or corrupted which results in inaccessibility of PPT files.


  • Downloading error due to low connection
  • Transfer error


  • Due to incompatible compression.
  • If any interrupted occurs during the downloading of RAR files then your file may get corrupt.
  • CRC error due to inappropriate transferring of files.

Why Fix Corrupted Software is ideal?

  • Fix Corrupted Software has unique techniques which are capable of repairing various types of files such as MOV, AVI, ZIP, RAR, Word, PPT, PSD, etc. very easily.
  • The software comes with a graphical user interface through which repairing of corrupted files becomes uncomplicated.
  • It can fix the corrupted or damaged files which are stored on the various storage device such as USB drive, memory stick, memory card, external hard drive, system hard drive, etc.
  • You can even contact the technical support team which is available 24 *7 to solve the queries regarding the product.
  • During the repairing process, the software won’t alter or change the original file and hence the make the repairing process extremely safe to try.
  • The software has a “Preview” option through which you can preview the repaired file before actual restoration.
  • Demo version of the software is available free of cost which enables you to view the recovery outcomes and helps you to evaluate the effectiveness before you purchase the software.